Dark Inspiration #1: Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford

Happy October, the creepiest month of the year. I’ve always been pretty big into Halloween ever since I was a kid, and at 32 things haven’t changed too much. I still get dressed up in silly costumes and hang out with all my comic book pals who don the attire of obscure movie icons and superheroes. Great time.

That being said, for the month of October I will be mingling in some darker artwork into the blog stream. It’s no secret that I love metal and do a lot of research on the art and artists surrounding the genre that give it a distinct brutal identity.

For the first installment of Dark Inspiration we have Dan Mumford. Astoundingly detailed with his brutal imagery, Dan has worked with the likes of Trivium, Protest the Hero, The Black Dahlia Murder, Aborted, Funeral for a Friend, etc. Mumford takes no prisoners, and it’s easy to get lost in depths of his work. The images above are scaled down, so you have to hit his website to get the full impact.

Check out more of Dan’s work on his website as well as his Myspace.






One response to “Dark Inspiration #1: Dan Mumford”

  1. Vilson Martins Filho Avatar

    Hey James, nice inspirations.

    See, i know a brazilian ilustrator called Samuel Casal, and i’m a huge fan of he’s work.

    Seems to have the same style than Dan Munford, chek it out:

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