Custom icons for the Chronicle Herald

I love designing icons, always have. Back when I worked in the web industry designing sites (1998 – 2010) I often found myself designing custom icons of all kinds depending on the style and function of the site at hand. I always looked forward to taking a specific topic and whipping up a simple little illustration that symbolized it. Got me drawing, I like that.

Shown here are a pile of icons I designed recently for a local client, the largest newspaper in Atlantic Canada The Chronicle Herald. I teamed up with my friends at Revolve on this one, working closely with my pal Sam over there who was responsible for the art direction and selecting those great colours you see above. The group at the top was my personal cut list as I felt those icons depicted best the sections at hand, while the others were different variations and choices I developed along the way.

These icons were part of a much larger project for the Herald, and unfortunately the vast majority of these little guys didn’t make it into the final product. It happens, things get cut. BUT, I was so damn proud of these suckers that I had to post them. Like I said, I enjoy designing icons and I rarely get to do it these days. Plus, this is local. Been reading the Herald my entire life, real proud to have worked with them.

Watch the blog, I’ll be posting the second part of this project in the next few days.






4 responses to “Custom icons for the Chronicle Herald”

  1. Matt Avatar

    Nice work as always, James. Stuff like this reminds us of diverse talent and experience as a designer!

    I really enjoy the camera, radio tower and stats icons.

  2. Dave Avatar

    I like your icons. And you’re right… they ARE fun to create. I like the drawing as well, but also the challenge of conveying a message or thought using the simplest possible graphic medium.

  3. Sam Avatar


  4. Sam Jones Avatar

    Lovely stuff, James. Nice work.

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