Curvature studies and vectors

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  1. Very cool. Seriously digging the first piece. Looks like the curves work well together in a spatial/layered composition. It makes me wonder how far you could push it—like even using letterforms, or implied letters using curved assets. Or, in keeping with the cosmic influence, maybe using the curved vector assets to imply planets or supernova blast rings?

    Great stuff, man!

  2. Ah the first one is very nice. Something about the lighting and color really appeals to me.

    Will we be seeing anything like this on your tutorial DVD? I learned a lot about blending from the first example you posted and would love to see more.

    (That DVD is still in the works right? )

    ps . I like the retro-y feel of buying a disc over a digital download.

  3. Joseph, thanks for all the feedback, man! I’ve been developing these sorts of assets for almost 2 years now and it’s fun to stumble upon new ways of using them. Going to keep pushing them for sure.

    Melkoret, no they don’t fit together. I use one AI document to store all of the assets, makes them easier to keep track of. Although I’d love things to work together like Lego :)

    John, the Source DVD has been put on hold for the time being. I had client work pop-up which delayed me a bit as I met deadlines, but it’s still in the hopper. Great hear the interest, man.

  4. Wow James, you crushed it with these!

    The layer styles on the first piece look really awesome with the lighting and flares. The second piece really moves me because it has such an organic feel to it, it’s like some kind of cosmic plant (I mean that in a good way).

    Also, thank you for the sharing your page with all the vector shapes. I’m a noob designer and I never would have thought to set up a library like that for easy access to pieces, thanks for the insight.

    As always thanks for sharing!

  5. WOW!!!

    i have been checking out your blog for a few months now and I just love these..

    What did you use to create the lighting effects on the first PSD?

  6. James, would you be willing to share some of the less successful “rainbow spaghetti” iterations for the sake of our collective education? (It looks excellent, by the way.)

  7. Just my humble opinion: I don’t like the curves. The straight ones are nicer to me. Curves seem like a drastic deviation from your original works, which were really great and evoked a very retro style that characterized you.

  8. Christ! The simplest of ideas and I don’t even think about it!

    I’ll make an AI library of commonly used images as well. That’ll be a good project.

  9. Man, i was impressed with these when i first saw them, but now that I’m trying to make similar curve to use in a gift, I’m really impressed! These are some baffling things, but you did an excellent job with them James!

    I’m surprised that these didn’t end up in the store. For studies, they are definitely print worthy. Well, at the very least, I’d buy one.

  10. i’m going to necro this post to ask the only obvious question…

    why the fk can’t i get this as a poster?

    the first seems most popular but the second has me screaming “i want!”

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