Spread in Computer Arts Projects: 131

Computer Arts Projects: James White

Computer Arts Projects: James White

Here is a 2-page spread I created for the kind folks over at Computer Arts Projects magazine, included in issue #131. Every issue of the mag contains the spread where different designers and artists use supplied phrases to create their own piece. I decided to make mine look like a mess of stickers, complete with little vector designs hidden amongst the fray.

The little round designs came from raiding my vector archives, it’s amazing how much you can amass over the course of a few years. You can see the full piece in a larger size right here.

Computer Arts Projects #131 is on newsstands in Europe right now.






3 responses to “Spread in Computer Arts Projects: 131”

  1. Design Informer Avatar

    Excelllent James. I love shiny type! Great job on this piece.

  2. Gav Avatar

    amazing dude, such nice work!!!

  3. Shawn Holloway Avatar

    Hi James.

    What typefaces are “Creative Partnerships” and “Schedule of Works” in?


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