ComArts Projects: Polly Diamond cover

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  1. This turned out well! Interesting inspiration here, the “Sound Explosion” original is radically ugly IMO, you took the best element from that. The color scheme from the “Full Tilt” piece could have worked out well here too.
    As always, rockin’

  2. This is amazing, I only know a good portion of how you did this but this just blows me away. Extremely great work top notch with everything. Speaking of K-Tel love their art too I’ve got a good collection of their records for the Juke Box and you pulled the best design out of its work. Love your art.

  3. That ‘Full Tilt’ cover is the business! I love the KTel label, and old school label art in general. Polly Diamond should really exist – somebody put music to this rad art!

  4. Ah this is excellent James! I always love to see your K-Tel inspired art. We actually watched a documentary on K-Tel in our Advertising course. I guess being a local success story they figured it’d be worth showing. I loved their designs for it’s kitschy retro feel.

  5. That’s pretty awesome work. It took me a few seconds to work out how you’d put the jacket on her and then I realised that the only part of the original that exists in the cover is her face and neck and the whole body is just another photo. It works flawlessly though.

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