Coming soon: The Signalnoise Source

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  1. I am super excited about this. I adore learning about other artist’s thought processes and ways of working. Can’t wait to buy a copy!

  2. Great idea of combining a (relatively) old medium of DVDs with (relatively) new web based stuff. Plus, you’re really being a vanguard for a new generation of democratized content providers. Way to go, man—we really appreciate it!

  3. :D that’s awesome.

    I take it the work is going well on your new MBPro?
    I’ve heard questionable things about the combination of Glossy Screens and doing artwork.

    Where do you stand on the whole matte screen vs. glossy screens?

  4. great initiative mate , congrats , it’s nice to see people who want to help others :)
    looking forward to seing the DVD
    take care

  5. Wow! I just stumbled on your website by searching through Flickr & I have to say that your work is amazing! I am a somewhat novice user & this would help me & others so much. I love your “AWESOME” piece!

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