Colouring Contest Winners: May 21, 1986

While rooting around my parents’ photo albums this past weekend I came across this newspaper clipping from May 21, 1986. I get frequently about how long I’ve been doing this art thing, and here is a small story that shows it’s been quite a while. That’s me, second in from the left at 9 years old winning first place in a town-wide colouring contest in Goose Bay, Labrador when my family lived there.

Now, the article says we submitted a page when we actually submitted an entirely coloured book of around 8 pages. Way more work then this clipping let on, to the point where I missed submitting the book in class because I put so much effort into it.

On the last night my parents let me stay up late to complete the colouring, then drove me to the police station the next day to submit the book directly to them. A week later they contacted my school to tell them they had a finalist. I was picked up at lunch time in a police car, siren blazing and drove to the town hall with the other 6 finalists from other schools where we met the mayor. Me and another kid (I believe the girl beside me) were awarded first place and scored $30, a small fortune for a kid of 9. I often wonder if any of those other kids are doing anything creative today.

And what did I buy with my riches? I didn’t even have to think about it…






8 responses to “Colouring Contest Winners: May 21, 1986”

  1. Blacvamp Avatar

    That car is badass.

  2. David Behm Avatar

    MAN… I always wanted that car growing up! Loved Knight Rider!
    What was his evil twin brothers name on the series???

  3. Pants Avatar

    Awesome. Michael Knight’s evil twin was: Garthe Knight.

  4. Mats Morken Avatar

    Do you have scans from the colouring book? :)

  5. Ron Avatar

    Jim! That is amazing!
    You must have been on cloud 9.
    I had that toy for Christmas that year, I loved it!
    “Activate the Turbo Boost.” was one of the
    3 random lines spoken by the car by pressing
    on the back license plate…. genius!

  6. Pablo Majernik Avatar

    Oh man, I loved that show. Universal Studios had Knight Rider, the ride. where you sit in the car and have a conversation. I’m not making this up, I chatted with K.I.T for about 10 mins before i was kicked out. James, what about a Knight Rider poster design?

  7. Clint Thompson Avatar
    Clint Thompson

    I remember as a kid one of my buddies across the street had one of those voice KITT cars… I’m not sure how true it is but he told me some disc was in it that played the voice and it didn’t always work right or something.

    Really brought back some memories :D

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