8 responses to “Cindy”

  1. Aoiro Studio Avatar

    Hey! Sorry for you loss man. Cheers from Montreal…

  2. Julien Avatar

    17 years. Good long and happy life she must have had :)
    Sorry for your loss.
    Julien from Paris, FR.

  3. Dave Howlett Avatar

    Oh dude, that sucks. She was such a nice, friendly pooch. Sorry for your loss, she definitely had a long and happy life with your family.

  4. Gordon Avatar

    Sorry for your loss man. Deaths are hard to take, but the memories will last a lifetime and are a nice outlet to remember the good times.

    Cheers from STL.

  5. Look Avatar

    Such a sweet animal☹☹☹

  6. Bruno Avatar

    Very sorry for your loss, mate.
    Take care.

  7. james Avatar

    I appreciate the notes, guys, and will be sure to pass them on to the family.

    Cindy was the White’s family dog, and a great pal. She was 6 when I moved away from home and was always the first the greet me in the driveway when I visited the parents. Even though her legs got slow, her tail never stopped wagging.

  8. Christian Sisson Avatar

    Poor dog. May she rest in peace.

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