CELSCAPES art show at Bottleneck Gallery

CELSCAPES by James White
Let’s go Exploring
CELSCAPES by James White
Don’t Get Technical With Me
CELSCAPES by James White
Steady, Dak
CELSCAPES by James White
Yub Nub
CELSCAPES by James White
Come and Get Your Love
CELSCAPES by James White
Black, Volcanic Glass
CELSCAPES by James White
I Have the Power
CELSCAPES by James White
Not a Gun
CELSCAPES by James White
F*cking Brutal
CELSCAPES by James White
O.K. Corral is Just Yonder
CELSCAPES by James White
CELSCAPES by James White
Shake and Shiver
CELSCAPES by James White
The Ultimate Trip
CELSCAPES by James White
It’s a Long Road
CELSCAPES by James White
Filthy Hobbitses

Last Friday was opening of my CELSCAPES art show at the mighty Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. Joe and I have been scheming on this one for the better part of a year and I was thrilled to have my first solo show with such rad people.

So here is the full spread of all 15 original pieces I created for the show, inspired by the beautiful painted backgrounds of cartoons I watched as a kid. Scooby-Doo, Superfriends, Spider-man, Masters of the Universe… if you don’t know what I’m talking about please dig up some old episodes and scope those backgrounds. Wonderful stuff. So for this show, I wanted the background to be brought to the foreground.

All pieces are now available to purchase through the Bottleneck Gallery shop!

MEGA thanks to Bottleneck Gallery for their hard work in making this show possible.






4 responses to “CELSCAPES art show at Bottleneck Gallery”

  1. Mister Phil Avatar

    Great stuff – saw you today at Reasons To, thanks for an inspiring talk James.

  2. Nick Hess Avatar

    Man, these are amazing James! The textures and compositional style work great to create depth. Color schemes are rad too. How about some wallpapers?

  3. DarkChaplain Avatar

    Incredible work! This is the kind of art that appeals to geeks and nerds, while also being incredibly nice to look at for people who don’t necessarily recognize the inspiration.

    If they’d ever be available to buy as desktop wallpapers as well, I’d surely pick up a few of them. They might make me want to minimize the browser more often :)

  4. Joshua Avatar

    You have some amazing art work. I would love to purchase some of it’s for sale.

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