CBC Logo evolution

CBC Logo evolution

Here’s one for the Canadians, the evolution of our CBC logo. Even though the version from the 40s – 50s (1.) is dated from that period, it had some interesting use of lightning bolts and typography and is very much rooted in our culture from that period. It would easily reside on a hockey jersey.

The colorful logo from the 60s – 70s (3.) is one I had not seen until recently, used to promote the shift from black and white to color broadcasting. A very interesting departure not unlike the NBC peacock, until it was drastically switched in 1974 to our recognizable and beloved ‘exploding pizza’. We use a simplified version today, but keeps the essence of the original.

1. 1940 – 1958
2. 1958 – 1974
3. 1966 – 1974 (used to promote CBC broadcasting in color)
4. 1974 – 1986
5. 1986 – 1992
6. 1992 – present

You can read up more on the CBC and its history here.






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  1. Dusan Vlahovic Avatar

    I like the third one better.

  2. Tom Avatar

    Very cool. Thanks!

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