CASEY JONES poster by Eric Miller

A proud day for Dartmouth! Check out this fake movie poster for CASEY JONES by my good pal Eric Miller of the Dartmouth Clothing Co. Eric is known around these parts has being the creative force behind is clothing company, but this time he stepped outside of his comfort zone to learn some new skills and create his first movie poster featuring that badass from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Being a tight-knit pack, most of the credits on this poster are Dartmouth-based. Just imagine if our pal Jason Eisener (HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN) directed this thing. I’d start camping outside the theatre right now.

I’ve been hanging out with Eric more and more these days, always super pumped to hear what he has on the go. He runs the Dartmouth Clothing Co. in much the same way I run Signalnoise … just do what you love, man. He showed up at my door 2 days ago with a 24×36 of this beast, melted my face clean off. Apparently he gave one to Jason himself last night and he “freaked the f*ck out”. He has a great write-up on his blog along with some reference shots and other goodies, so go have a look.

Real proud of Eric for this one. He’ll be coming with me to FITC Toronto in a couple of months if you want to shake the guy’s hand. Give him a follow on Twitter and be sure to check out the Dartmouth Clothing Co.

The Dartmouth Takeover continues…






4 responses to “CASEY JONES poster by Eric Miller”

  1. Leukocyt Avatar

    Pretty awesome!
    Love the title typography.

  2. Paul Pants Avatar

    Bad ass. I agree with Leukocyt, that title case is phenomenal.

  3. Jake Givens Avatar
    Jake Givens

    My hat’s off to Eric on this one…it’s beautiful!

  4. Zaphod Rowsdowr Avatar

    Shredder could be related to The Plague somehow…

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