Cars and Customs by Fred Boss

Lets start Monday off with a whole bunch of fun. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time drawing cars, most of which involved the General Lee, the A-Team van or K.I.T.T. all jumping, smashing into one another or speeding down a road. I believe my dad was the one who first taught me to draw the general shape of a car from side profile, making sure I got the doors and windows in the right place.

Well, check out the work of Norwegian artist Fred Lammers, aka Fred Boss. He does lots of other amazing illustration work, but I couldn’t get enough of these cartoony custom cars he had posted on his Myspace. Just love them for so many reasons. Some are long and sleek, others squat and blocky not to mention the attention to detail including logos, striping and beautiful color treatments. He even lays them out like magazine ads from the ’50s. Awesome.

I really hope Fred has or will be working with either Pixar or Hot Wheels in the future because this sort of thing should not go unnoticed in the film/toy industry.






5 responses to “Cars and Customs by Fred Boss”

  1. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    Sweet style! I’m really digging the Conception 400 particularly.

  2. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    *Conceptron 400

  3. Barton Damer Avatar

    Those are amazing! Very cool.

  4. Ronald Garaygay Avatar

    Wow. Awesome stuff. I agree, he would be a perfect fit for Pixar.

  5. Olivier Avatar

    These are really rad, I’m gonna get me a Tideflite – does it come with the board too?

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