Calvin and Hobbes

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  1. Its funny how many artists and designers love C&H! My brother is an inker and he started with these as a kid.

    The stories, it has to be said are as good as the art!

  2. I am also a huge fan (last name excluded for the reason). I have read Calvin & Hobbes as a child but learned something even more interesting when in an Ethics class at college. Did you ever notice that the problems they discuss in life can be perceived rather deeply? They are actually based on the ethical theories of John Calvin & Thomas Hobbes. The differences between them and how each handles life’s problems. Wonderful how something as simple as a comic strip can have profound effects on our lives.

  3. Wow, what an awesome description of C&H. I absolutely loved the strip growing up, even cut them out and pasted them on my door. Of course, I still have a few book collections as well.

    I always related more with the dialogue, being somewhat sarcastic, but I’ll never forget the snowman strips and the amount of detail in every Sunday strip.

  4. Brilliant. I had most of the treasuries when I was a kid and have managed to hold onto a few. One of my favourite scenes, visually, was when Calvin was messing with his dad while getting his photo taken, including sneezing at just the right time. That stuff had me rolling on the floor as a kid.

  5. Absolutely the best comic strip ever. Funny, touching, beautifully rendered and set the highest standard. After Calving & Hobbs ended, I stop reading comic strips.

    Miss it terribly.

    Thank you Bill Watterson.

  6. I looooove Calvin and Hobbes.. one of the things I most appreciated with Bill Watterson, was how he never ‘folded in’ over the commercial aspect of punting these two beyond the strip. Money was never an issue for him. The love of art and the lives of these two were! Comon’

  7. Delightful. Sometimes I’ll pull out all of Watterson’s books and do a Calvin and Hobbs marathon. “Joy” best describes the resulting after-affects. Interesting… reminiscing about those sessions is giving me a subtle high. Thanks for the flash-back.

  8. This is great seeing so many great comments about Calvin and Hobbes, everyone. For being such a simplistic strip at face value, the quality and ideas presented obviously reach far beyond.

    Martin, you’re right about the merchandising side of things. Watterson wanted to protect the integrity of the characters and their world, so we will never see them on mugs or calendars. He fought and fought with the syndicate to maintain the rights, and he won. Very inspiring story.

  9. The wagon scenes were always my favorite (so much that I have a tattoo on my right arm).

    Like others, I greatly admire Bill Watterson’s ability for not only tell a story but having the guts to walk away at the peak of the strip and not selling out. He is, on so many levels, my hero.

    Thanks for writing a great article on Calvin & Hobbes!

  10. Yes! Oh, Calvin & Hobbes, how I miss thee. This was my favorite strip growing up as well, and still today I love picking up one of the collections and cracking it open to a random page. As I have grown up, I appreciate the writing and artistry more than when I was a kid. When I was younger, I identified with Calvin’s ability to live in his own little world, making snide commentary on everyone else.

    Wow. Great memories. Thanks, James!

  11. for me Calvin and Hobbes is as big as Schulz´ Peanuts. The Strip is one of the greatest in its genre and it influencend me a lot on how i see things and think about things.
    i´m very happy to own the complete edition :D

  12. I KNEW IT! I KNEW that was a Calvin & Hobbes reference when you described your fear of starting a freelance business as sitting behind your desk with your hands folded and a smile on your face.

  13. Alex, you are sharp as a tack. That was totally an impression of Calvin sitting at his “Good Advice $1” stand in his front yard. You just blew my mind.

  14. I can’t remember how or when I get to first read a Calvin and Hobbes book…..I love everything about it, and it’s through this book that I learned the word IMBECILE…….

  15. I agree with all the above! For my 10th birthday, a friend of mine got me one of the Calvin and Hobbes books for my birthday. She seemed ashamed, but I also suspect she (or her parents) picked up something, not knowing what it was. Little did I realize that that book, Yukon Ho! would inspire me so greatly over the years and as a fan, I’m grateful for the work that Watterson left behind.

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