Calvin and Hobbes PS3 box art

Calvin and Hobbes PS3 box art

I can’t talk about any project details (game industry NDA stuff), but I’ll just leave this right here.

EDIT: Yep, this was an April Fools gag that I put together this weekend. Most of you got wise to it pretty early. To those who thought it might be the real deal, whoops! My apologies to Bill Watterson who probably never saw this thing anyway. But hey, gotta be polite.

To the marketing people at Sony… don’t get any ideas.






6 responses to “Calvin and Hobbes PS3 box art”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Freakin’ Awesome Dude!

  2. Kyle Avatar

    sweet design James!

  3. Some Dude Avatar
    Some Dude

    Gotta love April Fool’s Day. I wish this was real.

  4. Derek Avatar

    IF ONLY!

  5. Onepoc Avatar

    Nothing in common with the april fool James, but when I saw it, I tought to you…

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