Broadcast: The Signalnoise art show

• Just finished hanging all my art at Resistor Gallery.
• Canvas prints all hung up.
• The "Cleopatron" art show poster printed to canvas.
• "La Femme" printed to canvas.
• Every table had a pile of little freebies, including stickers and cards.
• A great crowd to hang out with.
• Here's me and pal Nicolas Girard, Metalheads unite.
• Skratch Bastid provided the tunes for the entire evening. He put on an amazing show.

On April 25th at Resistor Gallery in Toronto I had my very first art show entitled Broadcast: The art of James White where I displayed 13 of my works. It was a great time preparing all of the little things that come along with such an endeavor, and I’m happy to say I hit no snags along the way. The folks at Resistor, namely Kim and Ron were excellent to deal with and I owe them both a huge thanks for making this such a great experience.

In order to make my posters a bit different for this unique occasion, I decided to get the designs printed to canvas. They were printed in Toronto and shipped directly to the gallery, so I didn’t actually see them until I arrived and set about hanging them. A rather reckless method of going about this thing, but I was ecstatic when I saw the quality of printing. I had never seen my work on canvas and the texture breathed new life into my work, not at all what I was expecting.

The doors opened at 7pm and I was very happy to see a constantly changing crowd as the night went on. I saw the faces of old friends and industry colleagues, and had the pleasure of meeting a tonne of new people who came by. All in all, a wonderful evening which found me quite overwhelmed with support. Thanks so much to everyone who made the time to come by, it is greatly appreciated!

I would like to pass on a big thank-you to Nick Campbell, the Grey Scale Gorilla. Nick was nice enough to create the excellent retro Signalnoise logo animation which looped on the television screens all evening, it looked like something out of the 70s. You rock, Nick! Check it out:

Another massive thank-you to the ever-talented Skratch Bastid for providing the killer jams throughout the evening. He kept the mood and atmosphere super fun with his musical stylings, as well as put on one hell of a turntable show later on. He even catered to my one ridiculous request by playing some Iron Maiden. Nobody can stop you, Skratch!

Last but not least, big thanks to my pal Chris Toms for snapping a tonne of photos throughout the evening, some of which you will see in this post. Thanks Chris!

If you missed the opening reception, my work will remain on display until May 25th at Resistor Gallery, 284 College Street in Toronto.






22 responses to “Broadcast: The Signalnoise art show”

  1. Matt Sauter Avatar

    Dude, this looks pretty sweet. Congrats on a great show!

  2. Peter Nudo Avatar

    This is really great, it looked like a lot of fun! I’m glad everything went good for you James, you deserve it! :)

  3. Alex Varanese Avatar

    Looks fantastic! I originally planned on printing all of my work to canvas when I started on it, but decided to keep things simple

  4. Alex Varanese Avatar

    Looks fantastic! I originally planned on printing all of my work to canvas when I started on it, but decided to keep things simple and stick with paper until I knew more about the process. Sounds like your experience went really well, though, so I may revisit it. Great looking show.

  5. james Avatar

    Matt and Peter, thanks so much guys. I’ve heard so many crazy stories about planning and executing art shows so I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. It was super smooth and I have Resistor to blame for that. What a wicked bunch.

    Alex, thanks bro! It was an odd decision to go with canvas, and I didn’t really research it before hand. But the prints turned out amazing all thanks to the print shop in Toronto. They seriously blew me away.

  6. Viktor Avatar

    Looks just so clean and amazing..

    Love It :)

  7. Joe Avatar

    Yeah, I saw these up close and personal, the detail in the prints was nothing short of brilliant. It’s funny how we spend so much time looking at screens these days… print always kicks ass in the end.

  8. Jordan Allen Avatar

    Nice show James! The dude behind Nicolas Girard looks like Ben Fong from Hali.

  9. Tim Gengler Avatar

    Congratulations on all of your success, James! I’ve been following your work for a while and you seem like a cool guy (and are certainly a talented one), so it’s really been a pleasure to see you exploding in popularity.

    And classy choice going with the canvas. :)

  10. Anon Avatar

    Hey there. I just wanted to say that your chrome theme design is great and I enjoy it a lot! Good job ^^

  11. Metin Avatar

    Congrats on the show. It’s looks great and makes me to want to be there.
    btw, the animation of the logo is well done!

  12. solemone Avatar


    I love the Logo Animation. So Retro…

  13. Trevor Avatar

    Hey man, it was great meeting you at the Awards party. Resistor was awesome too (and it looks like I snuck into your post. Last photo on the far right. haha).

  14. jeremy Avatar

    man, those canvas prints look GREAT! awesome stuff…

  15. Rachel Avatar

    Looks fabulous…really amazing..

  16. Krijn Elders Avatar

    Congrats! Your work looks really cool at this art show!

  17. Brian Nelson Avatar

    It must feel amazing to know that all those people there are for you and your art. Congrats on the show and continued success!

  18. Lisa Davis Avatar
    Lisa Davis

    Hi James, so happy to hear that it went so great. I wish the kids and I could have bben there when you were but going to try to see the display before it’s gone. It looks awesome. So proud of you cuz.

  19. james Avatar

    Really appreciate all the kind wishes, gang. Thanks so much for the support.

  20. g3niuz Avatar

    the canvas stuff looks great… a3 size ? or even bigger?


  21. James M Singleton Avatar

    These would make good computer wallpaper backgrounds. Can artist make a living these days? I would buy that La Femme canvas.

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