Broadcast: The art of James White

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  1. I’m really liking this. It looks like you went back to your roots somewhat, and reexamined certain techniques. It’s still definitively Signalnoise, but seems to have something fresh mixed in. Could be my imagination, but I like it either way.

    Man, this is one of those times that I really wish I lived in Canada. Good luck with your talk!

  2. Thanks a lot, guys. Really appreciate the encouragement.

    Matthias, haha. Should have had a contest to see who would be the first to say that.

    Solemone, good eye. This was totally inspired by Egyptian design, some Tron and a bit of Jack Kirby. Perhaps I should update the post with a few inspirational materials.

    Matt, thanks bro. Decided to get away from the metal design for a bit :)

  3. James,

    Awesome dude

    I won’t be able to make it to FITC this year, but I am going to come check out your gallery.

    Email me when you are going to be around, and what day is a good day to come chat with you.

    Looking forward to it, probably bring Andrew too…

  4. Fantastic as always. Very Tron meets 2001 meets Cleopatra.

    Congratulations and best of luck with the show.

  5. Shiiiiiiiiiitttttt, that looks awesome! Have fun at the show, I wish I was close to come check it out.

  6. Thanks so much for all the kind words and encouragement, everyone. That means a lot.

    Chad, looking forward to it, bro! Time to catch up and have a few cold ones on our own turf :)

    Bryan, I believe the FITC gang will be recording all the talks and making them available on their site. I’ll be sure to post the talk up on the blog once available.

  7. Hey James:

    did you create your wordpress theme yourself or use o e already created? If you used one already made, which one? And if you made it yourself, how?

  8. Hi there – fantastic work as always. First post for me as I’ve been a lurker on your site for over a year now…!

    Enjoying your SN Broadcasts too – Ill look up when you are next online and try to tune in.

    Keep on keeping on.

    Jody, UK.

  9. Hi James,

    If you manage to venture to the shores of the UK in the not too distant future I would love to interview you on my artist blog.


  10. Hello, my name is Catherine Santivanez. I am a Art Studio major at the College of New Rochelle I would like to ask , how do you feel an artist’s style helps or does not help their development of a work?

    I am currently writing a research paper based on the philosophy of art and artists. If you could please email me back as soon as possible that would be much appreciated, thank you very much for your time and input.

    Sincerely, Catherine Santivanez

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