BREAKING BAD digital sketches

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  1. To the dink trying to pose as “me” on my own site: I moderate all comments before they’re live, you idiot. Keep trying, I’ll just keep deleting.

  2. Where’s Gustavo? (and the shape of Walter’s glasses are a little off). Be mindful that Gus’ glasses are not rimless. They have a gold rim that lies on the inside edge of the top of the frames only. Plus, they have about a 5–7% yellow/brown tint. You can see it in a few shots when he is side on. Have you thought of any foreground/background work? Smoke, crystals, squares from the periodic table of the elements, &c? Names as a typographic element? I’d recommend Heisenberg be blue (like the colour of the…).

  3. a few months have passed from my last visit to the blog ( cranking the studio, a new conference, things like these… you know, we are busy people :D ) and i can tell you: you’re doing better than ever! Good job James, keep rocking!!

    Cheers from Venice, italy

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