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If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed me mention Brass Tack Apparel a few times. Brass Tack is a conceptual clothing line created by Joshua Smith, the mighty Hydro74. I’ve been a fan of Josh’s work for a long time, and it was really exciting to see him update his Twitter with new designs as he built this project from the ground up.

Not only are the designs beautiful, but there is a solid idea behind what he is doing. It’s best said in his own words:

“Brass Tack is a Orlando based concept from the mastermind Hydro74. The idea is to promote the art and iconic production of symbolic relevance with intellectual idealism founded on a secret society level. The Brass Tack clothing line is dedicated to lush quality, simply stated themes, unique imagery that centers around graphical interpretations of the lost art of underground secret social systems that hide their ideology in plain sight. The core concept in the end is never to establish, but in the end, it has always been there or lived in some form or another.”

I’ve been rocking my Masonic shirt for a month now, excellent quality. It’s Spring and if you are looking for a spot to get some wicked new t-shirts, I highly recommend checking out The Brass Tack.






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  1. VolumeDean Avatar

    Awesome work! Love the quote that goes with it aswell. I normally just wear plain t-shirts yet I’ve recently been tempted to wear t-shirts like these from designers as some are really nice, and gives support to the designer aswell which is good.

    Will you be releasing any of your work on t-shirts anytime James, unless you already have I haven’t come across them?

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