Book covers by Jan Fleischmann

jan & waldyna fleischmann

jan fleischmann

jan & waldyna fleischmann

jan fleischmann

Here are some great uploads found on the Flickr stream of the junkyard.dogs. I don’t know very much about these gems, other then they are European and designed for the most part by Jan Fleischmann back in the early 1980s. Feel free to chime in on the comments if you have any additional information.

Lovely photography and type work, and I love the Lego additions.






3 responses to “Book covers by Jan Fleischmann”

  1. Paul Nowak Avatar

    They are Polish titles, from the top:

    * lazy revenge by norman leliwa
    * orbit of death by jan kraśko
    * perfidy doesn’t mean anything
    * tina is waiting for me by jonathan trench

    Note, that this is direct translation. I don’t know any of these authors.

    Cheers :)

  2. Robert Avatar

    @Paul – actually “perfidia” means a very mean and cold blooded evil doing. Cheers

  3. jarez Avatar

    J. Kraśko doesn’t write any more. He’s a translator but back in the ’80 he wrote several books under the nickname of Jonathan Trench as well as under his own name.

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