Blood & Fire shirt: Production video

Here is a real treat. My pal Fulton Hawk over at the Salvation Army camp sent me some rough footage of my Blood & Fire t-shirt being printed. I’m a real nerd when it comes to seeing things get made, and this is the first time I’ve seen a screen print process in action on my own stuff. Just look at those arms go.

What I received was some straight ahead footage but I took a few hours this morning to cut it together in an interesting way, added some Signalnoise and Salvation Army branding and grabbed one of the tracks from the Reckless Love album to add that 80s rock flavor that compliments the design. I learned quite a lot by doing this little piece, taking what content I had nearby to make something cool. Just remember, I’m no video guy and certainly not an editor. :)

The Blood & Fire t-shirt is available over at the Wardrobe Army Apparel store, 100% of the proceeds are donated to help the Salvation Army’s work in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver BC.






6 responses to “Blood & Fire shirt: Production video”

  1. David Behm Avatar

    AWEsome! Great vid James!

  2. Abel Avatar

    awesome look really automatized !!!

  3. Abel Avatar

    awesome look really automatized !!!

  4. Pants Avatar

    All that work editing in iMovie looks like it paid off, good job James.

  5. charles bronson Avatar

    your artwork is great, but im disappointed with the quality of the video.

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