Blaxploitation film posters

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  1. I love that all the protagonists seem to be holding or firing off guns. The straplines are ace too

  2. Nice collection! The SYSK (Stuff You Should Know) Podcast guys did one on exploitation films kind of recently and a few of these got mentioned.

    “Shaft’s Big Score” title treatment is my favorite!

  3. Hi there! Really nice post. Thanks for sharing.

    I just love that font wich is used on the “Foxy Brown” poster, ive seen it before on the poster for “Jackie Brown” movite and even somewhere else too, cant remember what it was. Is there a chance that you might know the name of the font or even better, where to get it?

  4. @Kay486 The type treatment is a bit different as it is a custom font. However, there is a very similar font call “shifty Chica” which is actually free. I have used it several times, including in my logo on my website.

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