The Black Glass X

The Black Glass: X

Here is a new piece created with the same generated Forge assets I used in the Black Glass pieces. I let Forge create the random assortments of shapes in Flash, then I use those arrangements in Photoshop to piece together the composition.

I worked with a lighter palette this time around to see how the overlays react.






4 responses to “The Black Glass X”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Spectacular again, it makes me gawk and giggle and god, its such beautiful work. I love the new lighter feel of it all. Using the cleaner and brighter colors really works for it. Amazing, if i only didn’t live out here in Aus i would buy it an instant. Damn the conversion and shipping costs. :D Its such great work i love it. Well done, be very proud. :]

  2. Justin Avatar

    Hey James,

    So… I am guessing since you’re a Flash guy “Forge” is ActionScript generated?

  3. Zepho Avatar

    Awesome use of color on this one. And I love the background + + + Pattern.

  4. Daniel Avatar

    Wow, nice work!! I’m guessing you used a combination of Flash-photoshop-Illustrator (blending tool effect)?

    Very nice work. Keep it up.

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