Black Friday: Save 15% on everything

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  1. So is black Friday an internet thing, or is it USA and Canada? I never heard of it until bloggers all mentioned it a few years ago when I started reading blogs… Never really looked into what it is besides cheap deals…

    Anyone care to give me a quick lesson in “Black Friday”

  2. @ST: The Müller-Brockmann poster you are referring to is his famous “der Film” poster which was designed for an exhibition at the Zurich Museum of Arts and Crafts in 1960, around the time he retired from teaching. There is a great flickr set of his posters — — but if you really want to get up close I strongly recommend buying:

    Müller, L. (1995). Josef Müller-Brockmann. A pioneer of Swiss graphic design. Lars Müller Publishers, Baden, Germany.

    Whatever you do, don’t waste your money on the paper-back. You’ll destroy the binding in the 1st month. Find a used hard-cover and never let anyone borrow it. If you let people touch it, make sure they have clean hands. Amazon has one for about $200 Canadian.

    Of great interest in this book are the alternative versions of some of his more famous works. On the verso page of the der Film spread there are 12 alternative thumbnails (which thankfully didn’t make the cut, pun intended).

    In the der Film poster he used Akzidenz Grotesk, but it is difficult to tell exactly which version as he modified the glyphs (AG Schoolbook is very close). For example, if you look closely at the rf pair you will notice that the terminal of the r lines up perfectly with the terminal of the i instead of overshooting the meanline. Additionally, you will notice how the top of the F lines up perfectly with the dot on the i. Despite his hardcore functionalist tendencies, he still took time to tweak things for aesthetic purposes.

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