Between Creative and Technical: Part II

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  1. That are some very nice quotes! Especially this one:
    “It’s a bit like people trying so hard to be unique or individual and end up being one of the crowd that seeks the same…”

    That one can mean alot to people really seeking for the individuality, because they just won’t find it by seeking ;)

  2. I’m starting to see a big flaw in this discussion. The goal of finding your own style runs directly into the wall of being unique. Why are we seeking to be unique? Designers are looking to be competitive, recognized as innovators in the field, wanting to influence everyone else. That is a different goal than looking for new never before seen style.
    How often do you see successful designer switch his or her style? No need, they’ve met their goal. They’ve become famous and profitable.
    New style is a new solution. It’s mighty overconfident to believe that one style will solve all the problems. So are you looking to be unique, or can you be more flexible and not worry about it. Just apply you skills as best and as often as possible.

  3. I agree with Tontsa completely – the elusive ‘unique style’ designers crave is a mighty difficult thing to pin down and can (and usually will) take decades to evolve with even more exploration and development still to be undertaken after it is ‘found’. One other major contributing variable to designers/artists trying to find their own style these days is networking sites like Behance or Deviantart and the like.

    These sites have the potential to push creatives onto the worldwide stage… however, the issue comes once you are standing there, ready to perform, and you realise everybody is looking at you and you are naked (bad dream really). Unfortunately, judging your own art against some pretty skilled seasoned designers can lead to creative self loathing and again, the striving for that elusive unique style to stand apart from the rest.

    It becomes a little like “Look at me!” “No! Look at ME!” “Hey I was here first, look at ME!”.. so self exploration and development in a creative sense takes a back seat and an almost obsessive daily check to see how many hits you’ve got takes over.

    I am guilty of this.

    I think Eddie Wilson nailed it when he said “Like a piece of wood that starts out rough, you widdle it down with each project you create by building your strengths and discovering your weaknesses.”

    You can’t widdle if you’re spending all night uploading & twittering ;)

    So I guess it all comes down to time, effort and patience. Seems obvious but its amazing how many of us forget these integral elements of design and art when we are striving to be seen.

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