Best Visual Artist 2009 award

Best of Halifax 2009, Best Visual Artist

Here is a small supplement to my Best of Halifax 2009 post a little while back. I took home the Best Visual Artist award, and a fancy ribbon :) The party was a good time, nice to see so many familiar faces and meet a few new ones.

Once again, a huge thanks to all those who cast a vote my way. I really appreciate the continued support from all of you.






4 responses to “Best Visual Artist 2009 award”

  1. Jeff Simonson Avatar

    “James White is the number one. His legs are number one. His eyes are number one. His muscles are number one. James White is the number one.”

  2. Brian Sander Avatar

    Awesome stuff, Your work is very inspirational. Many of the designers I look up to inspire me to work harder and become better at what I do. I’m currently going to school for digital art and design, but more about me on my website as well as my work, I’d appreciate it if you could take a visit when you have the time, speaking of which thanks for reading this as well.

    Look for more comments from me to come :)

  3. Simon Matthews Avatar


    Well done mate…truly deserved.


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