Beckham poster for Bleacher Report

David Beckham poster by James White

I’m thrilled to release this poster created for the mighty Bleacher Report celebrating the 40th birthday of that famous footballer, David Beckham. I was one of 10 artists asked by Bleacher to contribute an illustration for their lovely Art of David Beckham online installation.

Despite my being horridly overworked this last while, I couldn’t turn down this opportunity. The awesome team at Bleacher Report wanted me combine the styles of my 2 DRIVE posters into one illustration, pushing Beckham into a ‘James Bond’ icon with a distinct Miami vibe. I’ve been using this colour palette for months now, so this was a perfect match to my current workflow.

Be sure to check out all the rad Beckham pieces at Art of David Beckham, and a big thanks to Ishaan, Will and the team at Bleacher Report for the opportunity.






2 responses to “Beckham poster for Bleacher Report”

  1. German Morel Avatar
    German Morel

    I find it very interesting the use of colors in this poster, a touch of seriousness reflected in the illustrations of David. Evidenced the influence of Milton Glaser in the artist, throwing a resemblance to the colors used in the poster of Bob Dylan. Imbues a touch of the night in Miami Beach, more like a James Bond, as reported by the creator of the blog post, i Think this poster reflects the serious and funny style of Beckham.

  2. Ono. Avatar

    Amen! He just loves it! This is it!

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