Beautiful Bomb cover for Reckless Love

Reckless Love cd design by James White

Reckless Love cd design by James White

Reckless Love cd design by James White

Reckless Love cd design by James White

Reckless Love cd design by James White

Reckless Love cd design by James White

Reckless Love cd design by James White

Reckless Love cd design by James White

I’ve mentioned a few times that there is nothing better then working with clients who are excited about what they do, because in turn they make me excited about what I’m doing for them. Reckless Love is a prime example of this.

Reckless Love is a 4-piece hard rock/metal band from Finland inspired by the likes of Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Halen . . . everything fun about metal in the 1980s. They just recently released their second single called Beautiful Bomb to follow-up their first, One More Time. Their agent attached this promo shot with the email when he initially contacted me, to which I blurted out “These guys look awesome! I’ll definitely work with them!”

Olli (the lead singer) and I started hammering through the logo style, which went through a few different versions before we settled on the final design. We both wanted something big, like Metallica or Judas Priest, but still captured the fun of the group’s sound. I posted a few of the different iterations above to show how the process went, from the stripped down vectors to the final renders. As for the cover of the single they wanted something bright and colorful, which I was happy to hear :) ’80s metal goodness.

These are the kind of clients you want to work with, man. They are as excited about the music and design as I am, and we’re all coming from the same sources for inspiration in our different fields. Great bunch of guys, and more to come from Reckless Love, for sure. But in the meantime you can catch up with the guys on their Myspace.







9 responses to “Beautiful Bomb cover for Reckless Love”

  1. Kuldar Avatar

    Oh… DUDE!! This is epic!!!!! : O

  2. Chris Toms Avatar

    Glad to see you have been given the ok to show this new piece of work you did for Reckless Love. Looking forward to seeing it the record store.

  3. joe Avatar

    nice – when i saw #1… first thoughts were Metallica, meets Nazi Schutzstaffel, meets Daft Punk’s Homework album cover. :)

    lovin’ the background on the final cover.

  4. Mirva Avatar

    Aww I luv ur work!!!! RL is my fav band actually ;) The cover of “Beautiful Bomb” single is beautiful (BOMB!). And I can see the heart over there (behind RL txt), is it to be a heart or do I’ve to blame my imagination?! ;D

  5. Peter Nudo Avatar

    I really really love this.

  6. VolumeDean Avatar

    I’m gonna actually have to buy a track for first time in ages, not just for the music but for the artwork also. Great stuff from the band and you!

  7. israel Avatar

    Hi amazine
    i like your work
    i send a mail
    for the magazine …
    see ya

  8. Martini Avatar

    OMG, the 3th art is so excelent! Good on the cover of their new album.

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