Beautiful Bomb cover for Reckless Love

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  1. Glad to see you have been given the ok to show this new piece of work you did for Reckless Love. Looking forward to seeing it the record store.

  2. nice – when i saw #1… first thoughts were Metallica, meets Nazi Schutzstaffel, meets Daft Punk’s Homework album cover. :)

    lovin’ the background on the final cover.

  3. Aww I luv ur work!!!! RL is my fav band actually ;) The cover of “Beautiful Bomb” single is beautiful (BOMB!). And I can see the heart over there (behind RL txt), is it to be a heart or do I’ve to blame my imagination?! ;D

  4. I’m gonna actually have to buy a track for first time in ages, not just for the music but for the artwork also. Great stuff from the band and you!

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