Be kind and help others.

The above image is a slide from the presentation I gave at the Montreal Meets event last week. It’s pretty straightforward in it’s point.

If everyone did this, wouldn’t we all be stronger?






7 responses to “Be kind and help others.”

  1. Pedro Ivo Avatar
    Pedro Ivo

    What happened? oO

  2. ta_lentus Avatar

    Stronger and happier!
    Congratulations, nice thinking James.
    I hope the one who insulted you on monday take a look and think about this post…
    Keep rocking dude

  3. jmgarrido Avatar

    Your work for the designers community is priceless James, sharing all your secrets with us.
    Forget any bad comment from a jealous guy.

  4. Cameron Avatar

    Couldn’t agree more James! Let’s not allow negativity and narrow mindedness to bog down this world. Creativity is free and forever!

  5. ricardo machado Avatar

    As i commented on yesterday’s previous post: keep going James. You’re, for sure, in the right track, and you have many fellow travelers.

  6. Ahmad Abu Hakemah Avatar
    Ahmad Abu Hakemah

    Yoo whites, your are full of colors, we all congrats you from far Arab world, your are near to our hearts keep rocking, we support you.

    we wish that the sound at Montreal Meets was more clear.

    i hope nothing happen and get to meet you at offff.

  7. KevinW Avatar

    Can you please add “Work Hard” as well? Then I think you got it ;-)


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