Battle Beasts

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  1. Yea Greg, for some reason I hated Visionaries as a kid, maybe because every time I went looking for new G.I. Joes or whatever at the store all they had were a bunch of those guys that never sold haha. Looking back, they are pretty darn sweet!

    Dave, I posted that kick butt commercial over on Swivelarms, have a look at the end of the post:

  2. I used to lust after these toys. Loved the little heat sensitive holographic bit on their chest so you could tell whos team they were on. Its amazing how much desire a young boy can be filled with for some cheap ass piece of injection molded plastic.

  3. holy crap, i used to have the walrus battle beast. i must still have it around here somewhere, i couldn’t remember what those toys were called though.

    nostalgia overload.

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