Backburner: Heatwave album cover

Here’s one for Canada. I was asked by my good pal Sean “Wordburglar” Jordan to design a cover for the upcoming album by Canadian hip-hop crew Backburner. I always said that designing stuff to help friends’ projects is always the most fulfilling and this one was no exception. SJ sent me over a little brief of what the cover might entail and I got to work.

I had a lot of fun working on this one. The album is called Heatwave and needed to obviously bring the heat. Fire, sun, desert, a hyena and a giant burner to set the stage. Loads of orange. Huge orange. When it comes to the palette, working with orange in Photoshop is super versatile and you can really play with some nice reds and yellows in there.

I wish I could name everyone in the Backburner crew, but there are a million guys in there representing different parts of Canada. Me and SJ are holding down the Halifax turf. So watch for this one, gang. Canadian talent, not to be messed with.






13 responses to “Backburner: Heatwave album cover”

  1. John Avatar

    This looks great!

  2. am2kei Avatar

    Great stuff man.Is that a hyena?

  3. Dylan Avatar

    “Fire, sun, desert, a hyena and a giant burner to set the stage.”

    Love the cover man, you never cease to amaze me.

  4. nuttidave Avatar

    Good work, I can feel the heat from here (uk) !
    Is that the back of the post box again? :)

  5. Chris Avatar

    Great! Without knowing the concepts that the band wanted to share, I think that just the album name gave you enough material to work with. I love the spiral backwards and the burned textures. Nice!

  6. Daniel Avatar

    James, this is spectacular! I LOVE this cover.

  7. Cristian Valverde Avatar
    Cristian Valverde

    Awsome! Really liked the round wave sun… still wondering how you made it xD

  8. John Avatar

    Wicked cover for a wicked hip-hop crew :)

  9. rap legend Jesse Dangerously Avatar

    Love the cover, thanks so much James!!

    For anyone curious about Backburner, take a quick look at – it includes a complete list of associated artists, for one thing!

  10. Hand'Solo Records Avatar

    I know there were a few ideas floating around about what the cover could look like, but I think James knocked it far out of the park. This cover looks amazing, is a perfect representation of the album, and just looks so damn HOT! We’ll have to cool it down for the remix album… ha!

  11. james Avatar

    Great to hear from members of the Backburner crew. Thanks so much, guys.

    Jesse, thanks so much for the link, man. I’ll update the post right now. Not sure if we ever met here in Halifax, but we share many a friend.

    Hand’Solo, big thanks for the kind words. Let me know when the remix drops and I’ll freeze this design. Ha!

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