Back to the Future: FITC Toronto 2011

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  1. Great stuff. I love hearing how people’s personal passion turns into income. I wish more people would realize that they can do what they love, all the time.

  2. This Lecture was amazing James!
    It has a lot of really honest and truthful concepts about the design world and work ethic and it Inspires me by making me feel I’m on the right track.
    Thank You Mr. White!

  3. I love the little jingle at the start and end of each video, very 50’s :D

    Heard/seen most of this before (MontrealMeets etc.) but it’s always great to listen to this kind of stuff for that extra bit of motivation. Gonna look up that James Cameron video now as well, keep the inspiration flowing :)

  4. Thanks so much for having a watch, everyone. I always have a great time on stage so I’m happy to hear the message is resonating.

  5. Screw everything else,
    The Iron Maiden shirt(Up the irons!) makes you awesome.
    Also, waiting for Mastodon’s(nice sticker) new album.

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