Awesome & Liquid Gold 77 now available

New Signalnoise posters by James White

Just as the ridiculous graphic above says, my two newest posters Awesome and Liquid Gold 77 are now available to purchase in the Signalnoise Store.

Up until now I have kept the cost of my posters along with shipping at a standard rate across the board, but that had to change a bit because of the dimensions of Awesome, standing at 40″ x 27″.

So, swing by the Signalnoise Store if you want to check out the newest wares.






6 responses to “Awesome & Liquid Gold 77 now available”

  1. Ben Avatar

    Can I get THAT poster?

  2. Alec Schmidt Avatar

    Amazing James! You’re work is always perfect. I think I’m going to buy the new 77 piece. I have a few of your prints at the office :)

  3. Frank Voors Avatar
    Frank Voors

    So you’re the designer behind all these posters. Seems like I’ve been collecting your work from various websites at different times.( etc.)

    And now I’ve found this website through a Flickr discussion and saw your mtv engine room entry, to bad you didn’t make it.

    You as an artist, have your own style, and I like it, aswell as a lot of other people.

    Rock on!


  4. Deiby Avatar

    Battle Cat makes this image totally awesome :)

  5. Ben Avatar

    Great, now my comment makes no sense. Like every other comment I ever made.

  6. Jukes Avatar

    Everything’s better with a Battle Cat. I think I still have mine somewhere, but I’m sure his armor is covered in magic marker or something similar.

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