August Wallpaper at Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine James White

The wicked team over at Smashing Magazine have posted their newest assortment of wallpapers for the month of August, one of which being my Signalnoise A/V piece. I had previously posted a version of the work entitled Varo International Ltd., but reworked it for Smashing Magazine.

If you’re looking to color up your system, head over to Smashing Magazine and check out the newest gallery of wallpapers.

As for myself, I have been very busy working on a few exciting freelance projects over the past month which is why updates haven’t been as frequent as usual. More to come on these as they are completed and ready for showing.






4 responses to “August Wallpaper at Smashing Magazine”

  1. Grant Friedman Avatar

    I saw this over at Smashing earlier today. It’s a sick wallpaper! Great work!

  2. Keystroke13 Avatar

    The Smashing logo totally ruins your desktop, can we get them w/o it? I can’t stand their nasty orange logo.

  3. james Avatar

    Keystroke13, the desktop was created for the Smashing Magazine guys at their request, so inclusion of their logo is part of the overall work. Sorry you feel that way, but the logo remains where it is.

  4. My Bookmarks Avatar

    Great Wallpaper.
    But there is no 1440×900 pixels version

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