Atari Modern Classics

Atari Modern Classics

I came across these gems via The Minus World a few days ago and had a good laugh. I love old school Atari package design and these redesigns of modern games is a stroke of genius. I can’t find an exact credit for who designed them, but they deserve a big high five. Check the post for more.






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  2. Leo Ferreira Avatar

    Beautiful Pixel Art! This could start many others. Good job!

  3. […] Everyone that grew up in the 80s loves the simplicity and nostalgia of the classic video games, but It wasn’t the game play alone that made these titles great, it was the all around visual simplicity. That simple design even extended to the packaging and cover designs. The website The Minus World had a cool take on classic Atari 2600 art direction and decided to redo some recent titles in that style and the results are fantastic. Press SPACE BAR to continue. (Found via Signal Noise) […]

  4. Graham Avatar

    its a work of art! people have forgotten that great graphics game started with large pixels. thanks for sharing your design.


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