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  1. So good, so right. Thanks for posting, Jim. Still have 3 different Atari machines plus lots of related merch, mags and boxes…hoping to house a small public museum in the near future. Atari rules!!

  2. Amazing! I love the style of illustration, the vibrant colors, and the spacey presentation…. I remember similar stuff gracing the covers of books and toy packaging as well. I could be wrong, but I suspect the box art is half of what sold this stuff.

    What a great decade to be a kid!

  3. Man, nostalgia attack :)
    I personally never had a 2600, I was a Commodore 64 kid (was born too late I guess ;) ) but those were some good times, easier times.

    I remember writing simple programs when I was 9… and then having nightmares about being chased by giant, pixelated flies because I was spending too much time with my C64 :D

    On a side note – my friend got his hands on about 20 episodes of Computer Chronicles and we ended up watching them together with my wife :D So awesome.

  4. What memories!!! What kid our age didn’t dream about having an Atari.

    It was so interesting that when my brother was one of the first ones to get an Atari in our neighborhood, all of a sudden he become one of the most popular kids in the area.

    If I have to choose one game, it will have to be the Empire Strikes Back just because the trilogy defined our childhood and that is why it has been so good to see kids enjoying the same movies twenty years later

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