Art show at Fast Times 12

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  1. The typeface is called Bookman. The frilly letters are a variation of the typeface called Bookman Swash Demi, and the remainder are straight Bookman. This typeface was prevalent in 1970s advertising, really fun to work with.

  2. Been enjoying your work and blog for a bit now, and being shocked and awed for the Nth time, I’m dying to get your opinion on something. What percentage of the layering/compositing in your pieces – like this one, or say the Stop the Monuments piece – are Photoshop versus a layout program? I’m trying to force myself to include more pixel-based textures and elements, but it’s hard to know when to leave Photoshop and begin compositing** via InDesign. (**Especially when it comes to typesetting that you want textured.) Please forgive this lengthy inquiry.

  3. Love the work as always. I’m definatly coming by Tribecca for this. Cause going there every weekend isn’t enough. haha.
    Stoked to see the works.

  4. Jamie, I tend to stick with Photoshop primarily, even for textual elements. All of my works are 300dpi at 18″ x 24″, and the digital prints I receive are crystal clear.

    Under normal circumstances I would piece together all of the visual elements in Photoshop before moving to Illustrator to add logos, type, etc, but with my experience doing these posters the move is unnecessary as I can do all of my typography in Photoshop with great print results. It also allows me to rough up my text a little bit, like the texture on ‘Fast Times’ above.

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