Anew: 24″ x 36″

Anew: Signalnoise.comHere is the fourth piece at 24″ x 36″ using one of the images from Sarah’s photoshoot, entitled Anew. I have a very hard time trying to solidify this one, I think due to the color choice. I became very stubborn about keeping the color palette toward the blue end of things, rather then leaning toward a warmer palette again. I really wanted to see if my colors would land where I wanted them to using a different combination. It proved difficult but quite enjoyable.

I used a few brushstroke highlights in The Warming and I really liked the final outcome. Those few little strokes had the power to change it’s meaning. Some saw sun rays, others saw water from a showerhead, so the new piece has a few more lighting elements added.

As I leaned toward lighting, I leaned away from heavy texture. I’ve been kicking around Flickr looking at other people’s artwork and have been gaining an appreciation for works outside of my own genre, particularly those who use slick vectors. As result, I tried hard to clean my image up a bit to see if I could gain a different aesthetic.

You can see the full image here, or a detail.






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