Joshua Davis, Chuck Anderson on AMP Energy

Chuck Anderson and Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis and Chuck Anderson

Two of my favorite visual artists, Joshua Davis and Chuck Anderson of Nopattern recently teamed up on a project for AMP Energy.

It appears to be a system that randomly generates artwork on the fly based on three answers you feed it describing your personality. You can then save your visual DNA in the archive.

It’s amazing what can happen when two talented artists are brought together to work on this sort of creative endeavor. Awesome mix of style and a beautiful piece of work. Check out the site here.






2 responses to “Joshua Davis, Chuck Anderson on AMP Energy”

  1. liam walsh Avatar

    I love Josh Davis and I love Chuck Anderson. But I don’t love that site or the idea. It just feels kinda lame; they hired two great designers and then got them to ape their own style rather than ‘design’ something that solved a problem or had some meaning for their brand.

  2. Jw Avatar

    I agree with Liam, unfortunately. I was really excited to hear about this, but was utterly nonplussed by the final result. It felt like they phoned that one in… I didn’t feel any design synergy. As a huge fan of both, I’ve been a little underwhelmed by some of what they apply their work to.

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