Alt/1977 by Alex Varanese

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  1. Great post. The man makes some cool images. But, I think something to be aware of or make note: Are the images great because they are great or are they great because of their ability to reflect a retro feel? This style has evolved, there’s a reason there is the term “retro”. But what makes retro art like this great? For me it is the latter. Its not neccessarily that the art itself is great, but Alex’s ability to capture that old school advertising style and feel…

  2. Wow. These are extraordinary. I love the walnut casing on everything, and yeah—it would be pretty bloomin’ amazing to have any vintage Atari console remade like this.

  3. @Mike I think these images are great and the process amazing. I don’t think it’s solely because they are retro, but retro-futurism. The colour palette and style is without question a throwback to the 70’s, the form and design is extremely modern. I think that’s why they’re so captivating. Mixing past success with today’s innovation.

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