All hail Emperoth

Emperoth, the Signalnoise mascot

The Signalnoise Studio has a new mascot, thanks to a birthday gift from my sister. Standing at 4.5 inches long, Emperoth is small but mighty. He enjoys black metal, fish flakes and taking long swims in the tank.

I asked him to be a guest writer on the blog, but he burped bubbles at me and hid in his skull. I guess that’s a no.






4 responses to “All hail Emperoth”

  1. Design Informer Avatar

    Awesome James! Makes me want to set up my fish tank again!

    What size of tank do you have?

  2. Fill Avatar

    hahaha! great!

  3. Alex Avatar

    Is it your birthday today, James? If it is, it’s mine too!
    Emperoth looks like one of those prehistoric fish, like a colecanth or something. Now I want one!

  4. Chris Avatar

    A combo name of Emperor and Gorgoroth? Awesome.

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