Advanced Photoshop Magazine cover

That’s right, Advanced Photoshop Magazine #77 will feature a Signalnoise design on it’s cover worldwide. The kind folks over at the magazine contacted me about using my revised Tron Legacy poster for the cover, which could not have come at a better time considering the film is due out in a mere few weeks.

My original design appears to be reversible, like a raincoat, as the cover features my poster upside-down and works quite well with the type. I never would have expected that. Additionally I was included in the feature article ’40 Expert Secrets Revealed’ where I talk about some process and technique stuff. I can’t wait to pick up this issue myself to read up on the other participants.

Advanced Photoshop #77 will be hitting newsstands worldwide very soon, be sure to grab yours!






5 responses to “Advanced Photoshop Magazine cover”

  1. paul_pants Avatar

    Great! I have to admit, for a minute there I thought this was another rip of your work. :/

  2. Ron Avatar

    Congrats man!

  3. Brian Oz Avatar

    HO LEE SHIZZ! props on getting the cover!

  4. james Avatar

    Thanks a lot, guys. I appreciate the kind words.

  5. Maarten Kleyne Avatar

    Major congrats on hitting the cover of AP and the feature, well deserved man. Looking forward to reading the article, sounds very promising/interesting.

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