Adobe vs. Signalnoise for SDCC

Adobe vs. Signalnoise

Adobe vs. Signalnoise

Adobe vs. Signalnoise

Adobe vs. Signalnoise

Adobe vs. Signalnoise

Adobe vs. Signalnoise
• Photographed my own hand for reference, then sent this initial sketch to Adobe.

I was approached by my friends at Adobe to get some input on a tshirt design they wanted to do for the San Diego Comic Convention. They wanted a little limited edition thing to give out to people who dropped by their booth, but something a bit more interesting than just the Photoshop logo. Something people would want to wear with pride.

So my kneejerk, knuckle-headed response was “We should make an ’80s metal shirt!” and to my complete surprise they jumped at the idea. The only reason I blurted that out in the first place is because I wanted that shirt for myself. After I stopped laughing I got right to it. Chrome text, fist, red brush text… this design got it all. Tour tshirts always have the tour dates listed on the back, so for this one I listed all the dates of Photoshop’s major version releases and the actual codenames. So nerdy, man.

Once I started building that chrome hand I thought I may have bitten off more than I could chew. Never tried anything like that before, but it all came together in the end. Picked up a few new skills along the way, can’t sneeze at that. Above you can see I took a photo of my own hand for reference.

As of now, this shirt will only be available at the Adobe booth (#4145) at SDCC, and only through my man Daniel Presedo. Hit him up on Twitter. Very limited supply, so if you’re going to be there and want one of these silly things, you’ll need to act fast!






12 responses to “Adobe vs. Signalnoise for SDCC”

  1. Matthew Marshall Avatar

    Man, a series of posters/shirts/what have you based on those PS codenames would be incredible.

  2. simeon Avatar

    Awesome job James!!

  3. Daniel Presedo Avatar

    That is a great idea…. hmmm

  4. David Grimes Avatar

    This is so sick, James! I really love the way you went with the orangered pixels falling off both ends of the brush. and the resulting light around the wrist is awesome. Makes me feel like it’s plucking it from the fires of Mount Doom!

    What does your process for adding texture to these types of pieces look like?

  5. Suman Saurabh Avatar

    that is a great print. wished i could get it too. But yea “Special Edition” not everyone is suppose to have these things

  6. Joe Clark Avatar

    It would be nice to see a photo of a real printed shirt on a real body (and not the simulations here). Your model dude would suffice, as would you.

  7. Andrea Cau Avatar

    I WANT ONE! Can I buy this shirt? PLEASE!

  8. Kyle Ische Avatar

    It looks super cool James!! Keep up the good work!

    PS I would love to get that shirt for my first year graphic design course… Walk in with that on… Priceless!

  9. maxw3st Avatar

    Excellent piece of living memorabilia you’ve created there. One of the iconic tools of the web immortalized in cotton. Nicely done!

  10. James Avatar

    James, you’ve put a smile on my bearded face with the use of that gradient! To my shame I was always told not to use it; like comic sans but now I know better.

    Great work as always Dude!

  11. Kevin M Avatar

    Its great work I would also like to get one its a rockstar shirt

  12. Luc Pestille Avatar

    I *want* one (maybe without the listing in the back) – please, for the love of John Knoll, sell it to everyone…

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