Abduzeedo 3rd Year Anniversary poster

Abduzeedo 3rd Year poster by James White

Abduzeedo 3rd Year poster by James White

Fabio Sasso and the bang-up team over at Abduzeedo are celebrating their 3rd year this month. 3 years is a long time of sharing inspiration, tutorials, advice and design news around the web and the team shows no sign of letting up. Fabio asked me to participate in the celebration by means of a poster giveaway, and since he has been an amazing supporter of me and my work for a few years now I am hugely honored to be a part of the big event. Shown above is my Abduzeedo 3rd Year Anniversary poster.

The inspiration behind this one is fairly simple: 2001: A Space Odyssey mixed with the Star Trek movie posters by Bob Peak I posted last week. I spent a considerable amount of time building the radium lines in this design, and the PSD file topped 1.4 GB near the end, probably my largest yet.

The massive giveaway is underway with lots of amazing prizes including three copies of this poster, so swing on over to Abduzeedo for your chance to win.

Happy 3 years, Abduzeedo! Here’s to many more.






22 responses to “Abduzeedo 3rd Year Anniversary poster”

  1. James Donaldson Avatar

    Yes, but where can I get that shirt. (seriously though, great work on the poster – I love it)

  2. james Avatar

    Thanks James, really appreciate it! As for the shirt, I picked that up down at Universal Studios Orlando just after getting drenched on the Jurassic Park ride. Love that JP logo.

  3. Paul Avatar

    Great poster, I love the colors! BTW, is that the Dutch model Doutzen Kroes?

  4. Chelsey Avatar

    Another beautiful and striking poster, James. Love it!

  5. Chad Avatar

    Awesome Poster James… Congrats

  6. DarkoDesign Avatar

    You hit the nail on head with this one. Great work James.

  7. Marcos Hunger Avatar

    Great poster! Really awesome work! Congrats!

  8. @gariphic Avatar

    James, great looking poster – another masterpiece.
    Why the deer in the headlights stare – too much flash ;)

    What would us designers do without talents such as Fabio + yourself.
    Keep it rocking up north.

  9. Mbithi Avatar

    Wow! Amazing poster! I want it!
    And the deer in the headlights pose @gariphic pointed out is kinda hilarious :)

  10. james Avatar

    As always, I really appreciate the kind nods everyone. Thanks so much.

    Paul, the lady was part of a stock photo. I wish I could say I took the shot myself, but I came across her and the pose really suited the design.

    Gary, just before the photo was taken a pack of wolves busted into my condo and started wrecking up the place. That was my reaction :)

  11. Ben Avatar

    I am NOT a pack of wolves!

  12. John Avatar

    Ah nice poster. Will this one be in the shop like the smashing magazine one?

    Diggin the Jurassic Park tee and the solar flare in the corner lol. Seems fitting after the startrek inspiration post.

  13. Peter Nudo Avatar

    This is a poster I want. I would take this over the MacBook any day of the week…Okay, maybe not the MacBook but you get the gist of what I’m trying to say!

    Amazing work Mr. White…anyway, Christmas is around the corner ya know…early present?

  14. Creative Ideas Avatar

    Congrats abduzeedo

  15. Aaron Irizarry Avatar

    Wow… that is awesome man… congrats on 3 years for Abuzeedo, and congrats to James on a bitchin’ poster

  16. Design Informer Avatar

    James, this is simply stunning. You have designed another excellent poster. Great job!

  17. Remus Avatar

    Not much chance of winning my poster on the site abduzeedo, I would like to know if it will be sold in the store Signlnoise ?

    Sorry for my english im french fan :)


  18. Cameron Avatar

    Really awesome work man, i love it! Congratulations! One of my new favorites!

    What font did you use for the number 3?

  19. Dylan.D Avatar

    Poster looks fantastic! But you look like your a bit surprised in the second pic! haha

  20. Scott Lowe Avatar
    Scott Lowe

    Hey James!

    I put this as the wallpaper on my Droid. Hope you don’t mind. It looks GREAT! Android uses a weird wallpaper dimension, its square, so there is some funky cropping. ;) FYI in case you ever release an android wallpaper.

    Anyway awesome job, thanks!

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  22. […] another concept, one concept involved an ‘exploding astronaut’ which later became the Abduzeedo anniversary poster. A big thanks to Sean Hodge over at the Tuts+ Network for being so cool as I fumbled about with my […]

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