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  1. High fives all around, you’re a pretty kick ass guy and awesome designer James! Keep up the bad ass work!

  2. It’s what you get when creating such awesome stuff! ;)
    I hope you’ll continue sharing your thoughts and art for all of us to be inspired, it sure inspired me over the last couple of months to actually do something I love.

  3. Thank you James! For sharing your art, which is always inspiring and also sharing your knowledge about art and design.

  4. Well James, you’re welcome. Let me say thanks to you, because you’ve been a major source of motivation and inspiration for me since I started following you and your work. Keep on rockin.

  5. No James, thank YOU. Because of your strong work and design ethic I find myself getting through a full working day and wanting to rush home and design my own stuff! Cheers mate :D

  6. It has been always cool to check out your stuff and broadcasts from the other side of the world. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Thank YOU for being so open to the community and doing all the things that you do with/for us, your fans/admirers/supporters/everybody… :)

    When I first came across your work and got to read about you, I had instantly gotten the feeling that you were not just another big name in the industry but rather a super friendly and all around awesome person. And that was true, and I realized it after the first few broadcasts.

    My poor vocabulary won’t let me describe how I feel, so I’ll just say I’m really happy to have witnessed all the cool stuff during this past year that I’m ‘following’ you, to have learned so many things from you that I otherwise wouldn’t learn from anyone anywhere, and to be a part of this great community of dozens of fantastic people that has formed around Signalnoise.

    In the name of the truck stop flare, keep on rocking James, and don’t you dare retire any time soon! And by soon I mean 20-30 years. I want my kids to join the chat room on Signalnoise Broadcast #300. :)

    By the way, I’m ordering some printable swag soon and I’d like to send you a few things, if you don’t mind. I guess I should email you to ask for your address as I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the site.

    Thanks man! Signalnoise for life! \m/

  8. Thank you, James. For the many artworks, designs and knowledge that we’ve been inspired from your site, Signalnoise. Thank you.

  9. Signalnoise.com is part of my daily routine now. First thing I do when I turn the computer on is to see what new and exciting things you are up to.

    Thanks for the inspiration James!

  10. Hell ya, the broadcasts really help give my portfolio direction when I was between design jobs. A heavy influence on doing what you love, personal projects and not relying on clients to do work really helped me out this past year. So thank YOU sir : )

    And the talks rule good sir! It was awesome chilling out with you at FITC this year.

  11. A big thanks back!!

    I really enjoy how you’ve progressed, you’ve quit your job and went full time in doing things YOU want to do. Launching your own t-shirt line, making goodybags, start a broadcast every week, organizing little meet ups from time to time. I can see you really enjoy doing what you do and I love to see you progressing with new projects and sharing those with us!

    Oh and when you got that sketchbook for sale, I want one!! \m/

  12. And not to forget all the great people that I’ve met during the Signalnoise broadcast! A little Signalnoise family I guess :D

  13. Your insight has been valuable and your art inspiring. Keep up the hard work and thanks for being there for the “little people”.

    God bless!

  14. Thanks a lot for the kind words, gang, but I’ll stick to my guns and say it’s you who keeps the fun in all this. Without the support everyone has shown the Signalnoise brand over the last few years, not a tenth of this would have been possible. The best I can do is try to match your enthusiasm. Thanks so much.

  15. yea… but… we should be thanking you still! :P youv earned every inch of what signalnoise has become/will be! so were the ones who have to thank you for sharing your work with us. :) i know for me personally, a few of your vlogs and tutorials helped me this year at university for one or two projects! so thankyou james!

  16. I will take your thanks and raise you double the thanks.

    You have worked very hard to get to this point, you deserve it. If it was not for people like you the rest of us would have no motivation.

    Keep it up!

  17. Thanks so much James for all the awsome work you do. It is a great inspiration to help me on my own ideas. I also love tuning into your SN:BC’s every Thursday. Keep up the amazing work man!

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