A Signalnoise Special Presentation

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  1. Looking forward to next thursday! I’m very excited about your new project and I’m curious what the other people will have to show. Count me in.

  2. James,

    What’s the deal with the suit and what’s the deal with Thursday – it’s Canada day man shouldn’t be on your computer – that’s just *Horse Hockey

  3. Chad, I recorded this when I got home from my second job as a butler. I know Thursday is Canada day and all, but I’ll be working because I’m flying to Toronto the following day. :)

    Watafak, I’m a hitman. Everyone gets a different answer.

  4. So what’s with the suit?

    I hope I’m able to be there coming thursday, last time my country played in the WC. Of course not as important (we’ll be world champions anyways), but I couldn’t resist watching it!

  5. Gus, that is precisely the point. :) I’ve been working some long hours on this new project so I have quite a heap of unreleased material. Really excited to start rolling some designs out.

  6. Dude, this sucks! I’ve been asking questions about the ‘secret’ signalnoise project for a whole month and I can’t make it to the sneak peak broadcast. I think you should record it, hide it for everyone else and give the link to me ;) Good luck and I’ll be rocking at Rockwerchter listening to Muse!

  7. James, I’m with Tom – it’s 2.15am here in Australia right now. The show airs at 5am, I don’t know if I’ll make it or not!

  8. You guys are right. I changed my mind on the recording thing and will keep it going for the duration of the broadcast. Since people are in different timezones, have Canada Day obligations and other things, it’s not fair to leave those folks out of the loop. Thanks for the insight, gang.

  9. That’s awesome news, though it’s always good to have a reason to stay up until 5am!

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