A Signalnoise Special Presentation

Tune into Signalnoise Broadcast 12 this coming Thursday at 3pm EST for a Signalnoise Special Presentation. This week I will be switching up the format from the usual QA session to a more focused discussion broken up into 2 sections.

1. Personal Projects
I field a lot of questions each week dealing with industry stuff and client work, but lets take a break from that area and concentrate on what WE are working on, you know, the things we do on our own time because we love it. Lets talk about your personal blogs, design work, illustrations, whatever you may be working on. Alternatively, what is the project you would like to work on in the future? Think about your plans and questions and lets talk about personal projects.

2. The New Signalnoise Project
Additionally, near the end of the broadcast I will be talking about my new personal Signalnoise project that I’ve been working on for the past month, and I’ll have some things to show you guys. I won’t be recording this segment of the Broadcast I changed my mind and will indeed keep the recording going. Given different timezones, Canada Day obligations and other things, it’s not fair that some will be left out of the loop. Here’s a word straight from the jerk in charge, just ignore the part about the recording halt:

So that’s the scoop, should be a great time. Tune in live on Thursday, July 1st at 3pm EST for A Signalnoise Special Presentation.

PS. Regarding the suit, my original idea was to make that video preview like an awkward news ‘cast. I then lost interest in the idea and decided to do a normal recording, but left the suit on. I’m enjoying the “What’s with the suit?” questions.






22 responses to “A Signalnoise Special Presentation”

  1. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    ye-yayah. Sounds like it will be a great broadcast. See ya there Rainbowman.

  2. Legento Avatar

    Looking forward to next thursday! I’m very excited about your new project and I’m curious what the other people will have to show. Count me in.

  3. Ramon Thompson Avatar

    The one Thursday I cant participate in the live discussion! This is GREAT James! Looking forward to catching the recorded version!

  4. Chad Avatar


    What’s the deal with the suit and what’s the deal with Thursday – it’s Canada day man shouldn’t be on your computer – that’s just *Horse Hockey

  5. Watafak Avatar

    what´s with the tie?

  6. james Avatar

    Chad, I recorded this when I got home from my second job as a butler. I know Thursday is Canada day and all, but I’ll be working because I’m flying to Toronto the following day. :)

    Watafak, I’m a hitman. Everyone gets a different answer.

  7. Brad Avatar

    Nice suit…but bring flowers next time.

    See ya Thurs!

  8. daan Avatar

    So what’s with the suit?

    I hope I’m able to be there coming thursday, last time my country played in the WC. Of course not as important (we’ll be world champions anyways), but I couldn’t resist watching it!

  9. Watafak Avatar

    Rainbowman it´s a hitman! Reminds me Dexter, great tv show!

  10. gus Avatar

    less chat, more design :D love

  11. james Avatar

    Gus, that is precisely the point. :) I’ve been working some long hours on this new project so I have quite a heap of unreleased material. Really excited to start rolling some designs out.

  12. Πολιορκητικα Avatar

    Looking forward to it. However, I can’t seem to shake the feeling it’s suit and tie up top – shorts and slippers down below…

  13. james Avatar

    Nailed it, was totally wearing shorts.

  14. guidoguido Avatar

    Dude, this sucks! I’ve been asking questions about the ‘secret’ signalnoise project for a whole month and I can’t make it to the sneak peak broadcast. I think you should record it, hide it for everyone else and give the link to me ;) Good luck and I’ll be rocking at Rockwerchter listening to Muse!

  15. Alex R. Avatar

    Great idea mate
    Lookin’ sharp

  16. Tom Miatke Avatar

    Oh when something cool happens I cant see it cause I will be in bed, cause in Aus its 5 in the morning!!! Damn :(

  17. Max Avatar

    James, I’m with Tom – it’s 2.15am here in Australia right now. The show airs at 5am, I don’t know if I’ll make it or not!

  18. james Avatar

    You guys are right. I changed my mind on the recording thing and will keep it going for the duration of the broadcast. Since people are in different timezones, have Canada Day obligations and other things, it’s not fair to leave those folks out of the loop. Thanks for the insight, gang.

  19. Max Avatar

    That’s awesome news, though it’s always good to have a reason to stay up until 5am!

  20. Mats Morken Avatar

    Groovey, I just hope you’ll still have the suit on :)

  21. joel Avatar

    Thanks for recording it buddy! Looking forward to watching it later this eve when I get home!

  22. Tom Miatke Avatar

    Thanks James :) Means a lot to us folks who cant make the 5am start :)
    Thanks buddy

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