A Signalnoise Odyssey: Part VI

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  1. More like the Planeteers from Captain Planets.. Just missing ‘earth’
    Interesting though.

  2. Gotta tell you, man – I really got excited when I saw you were gonna post this today! You’ve successfully created a captivating blog series! Plus, I’m anxiously waiting to see the final result of your work.

    Great job!

  3. R-Lex, thanks bro!

    Steve, a friend told me the same thing a few days ago. Can’t shake Captain Planet when you go with the elements as symbols, I guess.

    Joseph, thanks a lot for following, man. I have one more post to write and it will contain the coolest concept art yet. I enlisted a friend of mine to work on the project and what he did knocked my socks off :)

  4. Oh god, robots.. Epic.
    Wait, not robots? Carebears?

    Just kidding,

    but still, these are awesome James, if they ever become real toys (don’t know about your exact plan) I’d buy them :D

  5. One note to start with: in the ”similar” link area the last two links (IV and V) are the same…
    Furthermore I like your idea, but it would’ve been cool if it want like other cartoons, all different elements and such, I hoped it was going to be just dude from part II (https://blog.signalnoise.com/?p=644). Ah well I am at least going to buy one if they get to the store :)

    Stanley/Daily Designs

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