A Signalnoise Odyssey: Part IV

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  1. “my favorite web cartoon, Homestar Runner.”

    I freakin love that cartoon. The simplicity and the comedy more than makes up for its lack of a huge budget.

    I really enjoy seeing the test animations. Especially of him walking in the forest. It’s great to see someone who takes hold of a project that forces themselves to push their creative boundaries and see it done so well.

    Looking forward to Part V.

  2. Brilliant series of illustrations. Really enjoying them.

    I can’t wait for the feature length movie you’re working on (you are working on one, right??). ;)

  3. I especially like your second animation test. Even though you’re new to character animation the visual style of the scene has a lot of impact so even minimal animation gives it a lot of life.

    Keep pushing as you get to unfamiliar areas of the production. I’m reminded of RustBoy, which had incredible looking scenes and characters, but AFAIK the project was abandoned because it just became too much for the creator.

  4. It’s amazing what animation does to a character and to a scene. Absolutely amazing. This series has been a fun part of my day each time you write a new post. Thanks!

  5. I love the character development, planet, etc.

    Although I think the planet should have more than one moon. One moon would be too boring.

    Just my thoughts. Great work though, I hope that someday I’ll have designs that are as creative and nice as yours. I’m working on it, one day at a time.

  6. I haven’t checked out your site in a while and now I see all these illustrations…well done!

    So you’re also into FLASH as well?

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