A Signalnoise Odyssey, Part II

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  1. Great follow up post. I have to say though, while I like seeing these guys in vector format, I think they have lost some of their uniqueness from your original sketches. To me in the original sketches they seemed to be more metallic than just a flat black. And I liked the shape of the head in the sketches which was more oblong and not such a perfect circle. And where is the jet pack? I loved that one sketch of him taking off in flight.

    Anyways, those are just my thoughts/critiques, but I still love this series. Great work.

  2. Kyle, I hear what you’re saying, but I have to disagree. I think the vector versions lend them a more graphic, cartoonish (in a good way) quality that really befits their purpose. The smooth lines and rounded features bring out their mechanical nature, but they haven’t lost their ‘woodland creature’ elements at all.

    James, I am really enjoying these posts, man! I’m hoping that this is all leading up to you releasing a full length comic or video!

  3. Kyle, thanks for the feedback! These designs are still pretty early on in the whole process, so chronologically things will continue to shift as I move forward. There are some substantial swings coming :)

    Joseph, thanks for the feedback also. Definitely more to come.

  4. Hey, that’s great! These little guys are awesome! I’ve been visiting your website on a daily basis and just seeing your work. I do like the way you use colors and lights.
    But these vectors now (as well as the sketches) are quite different of what you have shown in here.
    And once again it shows how talented you are. Keep the good work. It inspires us!

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