A new Signalnoise.com

A new Signalnoise.com

If you’ve been following me on Twitter you would have probably seen me bitching about code over the past little while, and here is why. I’m happy to announce that the new version of Signalnoise.com is now live, and you’re looking at it right now.

I’m a real bugger when it comes to my own website. Instead of trying to add a bunch of new features and cool things, I’m always one to start taking as many things out of the design as possible. The previous version of Signalnoise was super streamlined as I really don’t want unnecessary clutter all over the place. Content is king around here and I intend to keep it that way. I’m also the kind of guy who gets set in his ways, so the design and palette for this new version greatly resembles the previous mostly so I don’t have to get used to some new crazy thing. It’s like my old website decided to go to the gym.

Also, I’ve installed the WPTouch plugin, so Signalnoise is now optimized for viewing on your iPhone.

The previous website took me about 3 months of tinkering before it was complete, and I’ve realized the only way to sufficiently iron out all the wrinkles is to get the site online so we can use it to it’s full extent. I know there are already a few little things that need my attention in the design so if you see any weirdness over the next few days, I assure you I’m on it.

That being said, welcome to the new Signalnoise.com!






15 responses to “A new Signalnoise.com”

  1. Matt Sauter Avatar

    Like the new space. I didn’t bring a gift, hope that’s cool.

  2. Thomas Avatar

    Looks great James!

  3. eric eriksson Avatar

    Very sleek, James :)

    A friendly suggestion from a fellow victim of CSS: have a look at CSS3’s -moz-border-radius and -webkit-border-radius for the rounded corners of your post div and sidebar widgets. That way you don’t have to use images. don’t think it works in IE, though, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing..

    Best regards!

  4. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Yeah, man. Loving it. Even the subtle font size increase in the comments is nice. Makes it more pleasant to leave a comment!
    I also totally dig the minimalist design. My site’s using a modified-by-me Mark Forrester design that’s not exactly minimalist, but this really looks great. Makes me reconsider my own site’s design!

    Great job!

  5. james Avatar

    Thanks a lot for the kind words, guys. I’m still tinkering with things and will probably being doing so for the next few weeks. I need to use this stuff to see what’s right and wrong. And thanks for the patience as I monkeyed through the launch today. I definitely underestimated the redesign.

  6. Marko Dugonjić Avatar

    Ooh! Love the form labels!

    I’m commenting from mobile, so I can’t view source – but were you using HTML5 form types for this?

  7. Mike Avatar

    I think it looks great James! Nice update without straying from the previous look.

  8. Cameron D Avatar
    Cameron D

    Great job James! I’m loving all the little changes that I’m coming across, i like how you have also kept the simplicity of the site which was one of it’s main attractions (apart from the awesome content) before!

    Looking forward to the future man, keep up the great work!

  9. scott lowe Avatar
    scott lowe

    Looks great on android too!

  10. Mike Thomas Avatar

    Nice and clean. Perfect style to show off the bright colors you use in your design work!

  11. David Avatar

    Great work James! Love the new look.

  12. Brandon Houlihan Avatar

    Looks great James. I’m glad you kept the overall look and feel of signalnoise in tact. The header and footer are gorgeous!

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