A moment for a beard

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  1. Kitchens around the province will be baking beard-shaped cookies in support of this event. They will be metal flavoured.

  2. Mat, I’m sure Jerko knows the precise length of that beast.

    Fill, haha! No Jerko is not going to prison. The authorities could never catch him. He’s shaving off his beard today.

  3. Sorry to burst your bubble but that is not a beard. A beard includes the upper lip and cheeks—this is merely a long goatee.

  4. How much does a BeardPoliceman make, after taxes?

    We call Jerko’s beard “a beard” because “goatee” is far too small a word to cover his construction. Even if you put “long” before it. That’s like saying “giant Volkswagen Beetle”.

    It WAS a goatee 5 years ago. Coverage be damned, It’s a beard in our world. Arrest us if you want.

  5. Today is a sad day for the beard-loving females of the world; but a glorious day for dear Ian. He can rejoice in the sight of the bottom of his chin, an area previously thought by most scientists to be forever lost to the powerful creature known as the beard. Well done, old friend ! \m/

  6. After some intense research, here is an artist’s depiction of Jerko post-beard (or goatee, to the Beard Police): http://bit.ly/jerkobeard

    But seriously though, a great guy, and the beard’s going for a great reason.

  7. Matthew: Bhahahahaha!!! And yeah, pretty acurate.

    Beard Police: My goatee/beard/demon is actually a King James, as King James was the first royalty to rock this style.

    Mat MacQuarrie: About a foot long, and five inches around. Now that that is written, it looks weird…

    mylau-mo: Buro’s stuff looks awesome!

    James: Thanks for the post! Can I get a t-shirt of that graphic?

    Thank you for the support, everyone! Jerko!

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